I told you that I’m…

I told you that I'm taking a stained glass class, right? So my homework for this week is to find a design for the piece we'll be making over the next few weeks, and I decided I'd like to do a bougainvillea design. Because I love them, and they're pretty, and they remind me of both Sri Lanka and Oakland, and they can't survive outside in Chicago, and I'm decorating Kavi's room in pink and orange, so maybe if the finished piece turns out nicely, I'll put a chain on it and hang it in her window. But I wasn't able to find a design I liked, so I'm going to have to design one of my own. Constraints -- about a foot square, and no more than 20-25 separate pieces of glass. I'll be trying to sketch one in the next few days, but here's some of the images I'm using for inspiration. Because what could be better than some bright pink-orange bougainvillea on a rainy Friday afternoon? :-)

(I'm sorry that I didn't keep track of where on the net I found these, but if you do a search for bougainvillea images, they should be fairly easy to track down!)
















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  1. That last one is definitely my favorite. It’s bright enought to stand out without being blinding, and I like the pink/green contrast. The shape is nice too.

    It looks like it might be a few too many pieces as it, but probably not too difficult to simplify? If you replaced each of the white centers with a single piece, and perhaps did the same to some of the leaves, that might work. You could even take out a leaf or two, I think.

    Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished masterpiece!

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