Sorry we’re not talking…

Sorry we're not talking much about the house stuff at the moment; as we enter the actual offer stage, it seems prudent to keep things private for a bit. I'm having a hard time with it -- I'm so used to total transparency. I'm just going to post a lot of photos in the interim, I suspect. One quick realty note -- we're using Redfin for the purchase, and so far so good. It should make us several thousand dollars over using a traditional realtor to buy. Will let you know if we run into problems.

We tried to get Kavi to hold up a sign for her uncle Ryan's birthday. Not much luck!

Here's the finished Around the Rosy blanket for Ursula. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Not sure I would have had the patience to do the full-size one right now! (Simone, how's yours going?)

And some roses from the garden. The advantage of having ten rosebushes is that I can go up and gather a handful of roses every morning now -- and the bushes still look lovely and full. It's helps that they're not hybrid teas, of course -- lots more blossoms on each bush. Although I think next time, I do want a bit more variety in my rose types; eight David Austin's is a bit monotonous in blossom form.

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