Three quick notes: a)…

Three quick notes:

a) DesiLit Magazine is now live with its fifth issue of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction -- please take a moment to stop by and enjoy the hard work of our writers and editors!

b) We now have Saturday and Sunday registrations available for Chicago's June 11 - 14 Kriti Festival of Arts and Literature (along with a close-to-complete schedule of readings, panels, and performances)! Rates will be higher at the door, so register in advance!

c) Our house is now officially on the market! How'd I do on staging? Anything else you think should be taken out, or put back in? :-)

4 thoughts on “Three quick notes: a)…”

  1. I particularly like the dining room photo (#3). And I’m impressed by how big and clean and uncluttered the whole place looks. Nice work!

  2. I think it all looks fabulous!! My only concern is the little table in Kevin’s study. It seems really little. Can you rent or borrow a bigger desk for that room? Or move in the chair from the master?

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Kevin thinks having the chair in the room makes it feel crowded. Since it’s his office, I have gracefully allowed him to decide. 🙂

    Catherine, I agree a larger rug would be better in the bedroom, but I don’t think we can afford it, especially since we’re hoping to move to a king-size bed when we move, and would thus need an even bigger rug. 🙂

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