I spent a little while…

I spent a little while working on the front garden for the condo building this morning; progress was made, but I think I need some advice. I put in two gorgeous white columbine, three white bleeding hearts, and two blue fescue grasses. There's still a shrub in back that may be coming back, so I've left that alone for now. There's a fair bit of some green striped plant that I put in last year that's come back (the biggest one is at the far right of the image), but I don't remember what it's called -- it's definitely spreading, though, which is nice. There's some lush yellow-green plant from last year that's starting to come back, around five o'clock, if this photo were round instead of square. There's a few white hyacinths finishing up and dying back. And I put in some of my extra alyssum and a few white pansies, a bit randomly, in the front. So this is what I have so far:

I think it's starting to look nice, all white and green, but still awfully scraggly. I was going for woodland garden, not abandoned construction site. And yes, I know I just planted these plants, and I should allow time for them to grow and fill in -- but it still sort of feels like it needs more low-level plants. Some kind of groundcover, instead of just mulch? More alyssum scattered through? If a groundcover, what kind? Or does it need more blue fescue or other medium-height plants? Or should I just put down a layer of fresh mulch and try to be patient? I'm just not sure -- opinions welcome.

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  1. I would throw down some fresh mulch and give it a couple of weeks. You have a good variety of plants here and I think once they take off it’s really going to fill in the space nicely.

    If you must buy more plants (and I know that compulsion!) I’d go with some more alyssum to fill in the spaces. I’d avoid ground cover just because some of it can be high maintenance to keep from choking out the other plants.

    You could also put a flat dish bird feeder or bird bath in that open space in the center, if you think the birds would use it.

    Just some thoughts. 🙂

  2. I agree–patience. It looks nice now and everything’s going to need growing room. Let everything grow in before deciding whether you want to add or remove anything.

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