Well, Kavi already found…

Well, Kavi already found one of the two boxes I managed to pack yesterday and started unpacking it, insisting that yes, this hand puppet that she has entirely ignored for the past six months is her favorite toy ever, nay, verily, it is the love of her life. This does not bode well for continued progress on the decluttering front.

We will make progress today, I swear. I'm just waiting on boxes; I tried to pick some up at the UPS Store yesterday, but they are closed on Sundays, it turns out! I was crushed. So instead I went down to Grand Street Gardens and picked up some plants. Geraniums for the windowboxes; a huge lush fushcia to hang from the gazebo. (I need to find some time today to sew up the sari fabric and ribbons I bought a few weeks ago into a canopy for the gazebo, so it'll be safe to hang the fuschia there -- it'd get sunburned otherwise.) And then just a few small plants to fill out planters and windowboxes -- nemesia, dianthus. Oh, and some nasturtiums -- I haven't planted them before, but one garden book suggested planting them in with the vegetables, since they're edible too, and I think that makes a lot of sense -- their cheerful yellow and orange blossoms will look lovely with the tomatoes and peppers.

After many comments (here and on Facebook), I've been convinced on the photo front -- the personal photos are coming down. I'm still waffling about a few sepia-toned photos at the head of the stairs; they're of us, from Kavi's baby photo shoot at Target, but they look sort of artsy, y'know? We'll see.

I know art on the walls is generally good, but I think I should maybe box up three types of art: the sexy pieces, the big blue one I painted (I like it, but I have no pretensions that it's actually good), and the dragon art, which I am maybe a bit overly fond of. :-) Although the big blue painting does fit nicely in the space above the aquarium. Hmm... Thoughts?

Speaking of art, I also need to decide what I want to show at WisCon this year, and make some art, if it's actually going to happen. I'm tempted to do something with yarn, of course, but that's often pretty time-intensive. And not sure what I could do that would be SF/F-themed, except for little amigurumi dragons or such. Maybe collage pieces with crocheted elements? Hmm...

The one thing I actually have to do today is go find out who my senators and representatives are. Plus memorize the number of representatives. Kevin gave me the citizenship test on Sunday, and I did reasonably well on the rest of it. I need to get six out of ten right tomorrow, which I think I could probably do without studying -- but why risk it? A little memorization today won't kill me -- and I suppose one could argue that I probably should know who's representing me in Congress... :-)

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  1. Ooh, nasturtiums! I planted them last year on my balcony and they did wonderfully. And they look great in a salad (and taste mildly spicy, too). I hated them when I had a yard-garden, because the slugs LOVED to hide in the nasturtiums, but on a balcony they’re simply a delight.

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