I only read Dooce…

I only read Dooce intermittently, but I have to applaud her for a very well-written and balanced post on vaccination. To be honest, the whole anti-vaccination movement horrifies and upsets me so much that I am just not capable of being as calm and measured as she is in her post. So please go read her instead.

All I'd add to that is that now that I'm pregnant, my yet-to-be-born child is at serious health risk from my contact with any unvaccinated child or adult, and will continue to be at risk for the first year of his/her life, while still too young to be vaccinated.

In other words, if you choose not to vaccinate your children, I don't want your children anywhere near me for the next two years. Thank you.

If you would like vaccinate but cannot vaccinate your kids due to severe allergies, etc. -- I'm so sorry. You're welcome in my home; we'll share the risk.

2 thoughts on “I only read Dooce…”

  1. My kids are vaccinated. I floundered back and forth on the whole topic each time my kids went for vaccinations. I will read the article.

    Personally, I think we are vaccinating for things I’m not sure are that bad. I had mumps, measles and chicken pox. As did most of my childhood friends.

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