It was an exhausting…

It was an exhausting weekend. Very productive -- I got a ton done, on the gardening, household, and DesiLit fronts. Even a bit of work on the Red Sari project, adding Anita Desai. Bharati Mukherjee next, I think. But I did no writing, and not much resting either. Given that it snowed yesterday, I don't think I'll be gardening again for a day or two, so maybe this is a good time to finally plant those indoor seeds. And then hopefully write a little. And rest.

I did get a nice note from someone that my Tumbarumba story finally showed up in their browser, and they loved it. I think that's the first bit of actual reader (as opposed to editor / workshopper) feedback I've had on the story, so that's reassuring and pleasing.

This week, I'm teaching Midnight's Children, which should be...interesting. Considering that I found it challenging in grad school, I'm curious to see what my students will make of it. On the plus side, I have an excuse to re-read it, so whatever happens in class, that's a win. :-)

I should note that I'm really loving my mini-daffodils -- that was a lucky decision, to plant them in the west-facing windowboxes. I put them in two weeks ago -- six plants for maybe $20? And they're still determinedly bright and cheerful, despite two snowfalls and quite a lot of almost-freezing weather. Most of my neighbors haven't done any planting yet; clearly they are more prudent than I. But I'll take joy over prudence, pretty much every time.

Which drives my parents crazy, of course. I can just picture myself begging Kavi in twenty years -- "No, no -- please, not the boy with the motorcycle..."

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