I invented something…

I invented something yummy, with similarities to panzanella and bread soup, but not quite the same as either. If you happen to have a leftover v. stale half baguette, some leftover Italian sausage, and some fresh tomato, try it!

Chop onion, garlic, saute in olive oil and a bit of butter. Add crumbled sausage, basil, oregano. (Fresh if you have it, but I used dried.) Crushed red pepper to taste. 1/2 to 1 c. of leftover red wine (depending on preference). Ditto chicken broth. When sausage is cooked and liquid reduced a bit, tear up baguette (if very stale, like mine, you may need to saw at it with bread knife). Add baguette and cook until soft. (How soft depends on how you feel about mushy bread. I cooked it very soft.) Eat! Yum!

My main goal for today is to get my house under control. I've been so busy this past week (mostly grading) that it's completely fallen apart. Lots of trash to take out, dishes to do (one load done, another needs doing), laundry to do and put away, bills to pay, papers to sort, books to shelve, plants to plant, errands to run. I think it's actually too much for me to do by myself, so hopefully I can enlist Kevin too. We'll see how it goes....

3 thoughts on “I invented something…”

  1. I’ve read that recipe 5 times and I keep missing when you put in the fresh tomato. At the end?

    That sounds like a lot of wine but it depends on how much bread that is. I’m guessing you ate that immediately? Increasingly soggy panzanella sounds less than appealing.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Sorry, forgot to mention tomato addition. After sausage browns a bit, along with wine and broth. And yes, eat hot and immediately. Also, re: wine, my bread was rock hard, so it could take more liquid. 🙂

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