Kevin and I don’t…

Kevin and I don't normally drive in to work together, but today he had a meeting in the morning, so he came in early with me. And we talked all the way in, starting with how the tea he brought me yesterday afternoon totally revitalized me when I was truly exhausted, and wondering whether he could sneak me decaf tea and get the same effect. Which led to this book he's reading, about why we believe the things we believe, and the placebo effect, and what would it look like if doctors and psychiatrists actually understood and could utilize the brain's powers over the body, and the body's powers over the brain. Maybe hypnosis could cure cancer, which would be good. But maybe you could take a pill to fall in love, which would be -- bad? good? Weird, anyway.

It was a nice conversation, and then we got to campus and realized that he hadn't brought his car keys, so I let him take mine, and we made plans to meet up after classes so I could get them back, because I'd be driving home earlier, and he'd take the train. And I ran up to my office to finish up a bit of work before class. But when I came down, I found him waiting outside the little cafe in my building, with his coffee and a croissant and my keys. And then he walked me to my class, which happened to be next to his office's building, and we talked all the way there, this time about how you grade an intro-level creative writing class, how an A is pretty clear (good enough writing that you'd recommend them for the next level up), but B and C get quickly fuzzier. And then we were at class, and I had to go.

There's no real point to these stories -- just that after sixteen years and eleven months, I'm still never bored with him. I could talk to Kev forever. Which is a good thing, since that's pretty much what I've signed up for here, or at least for the version of forever that applies to my life. It's nice to be reminded that you made a good -- no, an excellent choice.

Clearly, I'm feeling maritorious this evening... :-)

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  1. Lovely post! I’m single and feel disillusioned with the idea of couplehood when I see most people in relationships. I too am a faculty member – my field is a lot closer to Kevin’s than to yours. I feel that the work that goes into meeting someone’s demands day in and day out, would take up the energy that I would otherwise spend on intellectual pursuits. I’ve read/ heard very few arguments FOR a serious partnership, and yours is one! I guess it all boils down to making a great choice in the first place.

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