I’m just happy. …

I'm just happy. Sometimes I can't believe how good my life is these days.

Yesterday, I did a bit of work in the morning, and then Kevin went and got me groceries so I could cook up a storm for our celebratory Sri Lankan dinner for our friends Venu and Sendhil, who recently got engaged. Nilofer was in town for business, and was able to come by early to cook and chat with me. Kavi was on her best behavior for her, all cute and charming and chatty. We made:

The best entree was the eggplant sambal, in my opinion, which is pretty impressive since I don't like eggplant. But fried, salted chips -- who doesn't like that? :-) And of course, loved the vattalappam, as always.

Dinner itself was wonderful -- we toasted their happiness with champagne (Kirsten, we finally opened the bottle of champagne you gave us at our semi-demi-commitment party-thingie, and it was delicious, and what a perfect occasion to open it). Much smart, fast-paced conversation, mostly centering on what's wrong with education (at various grade levels) and how do we go about fixing it. Also a bit about relationships, and how do we fix what's wrong with them. I tried to restrain myself from giving too much relationship advice, although I do believe that's traditional when entertaining a newly engaged couple. :-) We were all exhausted by the time they left, but if we weren't so old and tired, we would have happily kept talking all night. Yay, friends.

And then this morning, quiet family happiness. Kavi was in a great mood, and wandered around the living room playing and chatting to herself while we caught up on some tv and I knitted most of Brooke's sweater's right sleeve. (K1P1 ribbing is a big pain, I'm finding. Okay for just cuff, but this is two-thirds of the sleeve. Pfui.) When she started getting restless, Kevin took her out for a long stroll outside; they stopped at the library for a bit, and then at Olivia's. Came home with milk and eggs and fresh flowers for me. :-)

We gave her lunch and put her down for nap, and I folded and put away some laundry, and then Kevin decided he wanted a nap too, so he and Ellie are napping upstairs. My house is clean, there's leftover curry in the fridge, and there's nothing else I have to do today. Hooray for Saturday!

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