We have a high…

We have a high temperature of zero today. 0!!! Joy. It's currently -8 (-23 with wind chill), and I have to go out in that in about forty-five minutes. Pity me. And Californians, I don't want to hear a peep from you today. Not a friggin' peep. You hear me?

Other than that, life is good. Had some interesting conversations about possible projects yesterday, more on that anon. Finally assembled my preliminary reading/viewing list for Sri Lankan Tiger-related literature. Started a birthday gift for one friend last night (a boucle scarf in simple garter stitch, good practice for my knitting), and finished a birthday gift for another friend last night, which I will put up photos of as soon as she actually receives it. (Love is not simply making a gift by hand -- love is making an extra stop in bitter cold to mail said gift.) I love completing things, it makes me so happy.

Speaking of completing things, so far, Things is making me pretty happy. I may have to actually buy the thing. I'm getting a lot done, and I have to give that little program a fair bit of the credit. Slowly and surely, the backlog is getting chipped away. I can actually imagine a day (oh, about four months from now), when I'm not behind on everything. Which would be just astonishing. I won't know what to do with myself.

But what I have to do with myself right now is make some breakfast for me and the munchkin, and then head to school. Today, we talk about beautiful language in my fiction writing class, and what constitutes a nation in my colonialism class. Plus, bonus debate about whether it's worth trying to preserve Sanskrit and Arabic (when the natives don't appreciate 'em anyway, and besides, they're crap languages in which nothing of use has ever been written), or whether we should spend all our charitable contributions on teaching them the glories of English literature instead. Ah, Macaulay. How I do love thee.

(Seriously, if you haven't read his Minute, take a few minutes to do so. Hilarious, in a dark, bitter, nasty kind of way.)

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