I keep being tempted to…

I keep being tempted to try podcasting in some form. I think it's because I keep having these fascinating conversations with people, and at the end of the conversation we keep saying that we should have recorded that! So I'm thinking I may actually try it, although of course you know that the conversations will immediately become dull as ditchwater once recorded. Still.

Would you listen to a half-hour blog radio show from me once a week? When it's not at all a fancy planned out show, but just me talking with someone else I think is interesting about a topic I find fascinating? It'd be free, of course. :-)

I'm vaguely thinking these topics:

  • Literature in general, but often with a desi / minority focus
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • Sex
  • Parenting / Partnership / Domesticity
What do you think? Worthwhile? Which topics most interest you? Anyone you'd particular like to see as a co-host with me? (Jed seems moderately obvious for the sf one, if I can talk him into it. :-)

6 thoughts on “I keep being tempted to…”

  1. I would not listen each week, but it would be nice to have the option. I like listening to you. You have a cadence to your voice that I rather enjoy. So, whether you do this with someone else, or occasionally go solo, it could work out well.

    The topics that interest me most would be sex, parenting, partnership, domesticity.

    This would be fun and interesting, I think. Hope it works out.

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