When I got back from the…

When I got back from the Christmas travelling, I was in fairly desperate need of a vacation. I also had a ton of work to do in the week before school. I am just so grateful that 'working' this week basically mean 'lie in bed for several hours a day reading really good books'. I love my job. I actually feel reasonably rested. And having re-read Cracking India and King Solomon's Mines yesterday, I'm making good progress on my list.

Speaking of lists, Jed's mention of Things made me curious, so I downloaded the free trial, and we'll see how it goes. If it actually helps me get things done, paying $50 for the full version will be well worth it. Right now, I've just been keeping a list in Google Docs, but that feels somehow inadequate to the task, especially coordinating with iCal and such. Although it's not clear to me yet whether I can give Simone access to my Things lists, which might be nice, although probably not necessary.

The start of the year is making me a bit compulsive about putting things in order. Just cleaned off my iPhone camera photos -- here are a few quite old photos of Miss Kavya, along with a few recent ones. Wacky how much she's changed -- I barely recognize her in some of the early photos!

Wrestling with second cousin Natalya

At the park (I think with Bryan's family)

In the church parking lot at Christmas, having gotten much too restless to sit still during the Mass

With Grandpa, Christmas morning

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  1. I’m hoping to post more about task managers soon, but in case I don’t manage to do so: you can get $10 off the Mac version of Things if you buy it before January 15 (which is Thursday!) by entering the coupon code THINGSPRESALE20 in the Coupon Code space on the Shopping Cart page. See forum thread for a little more info.

    The main competitors for Things right now seem to be iGTD (which is cool but is currently in a development hiatus, and the developer may not ever get back to working on it) and OmniFocus, which seems to me to be a little more oriented toward the hardcore Getting Things Done devotees; it’s very powerful, but also feels complicated to me in a way that Things doesn’t. But then, OF is a much more mature application. It also costs more: $80. And the iPhone version costs more than the iPhone version of Things, too. But Kam swears by OmniFocus. I’m still trying to decide whether either of OF or Things suit my needs.

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