Added missing chapter to…

Added missing chapter to previous Poet's Lullaby entry, so sorry!

Also forgot to note that I finished my December story yesterday, or a draft of it at least: "A Little Pregnant." Yay, me! Story-a-month recap:

  • July: "Jump Space" (out, making the rounds, two rejections so far)
  • August: "Sequins" (SOLD to Tumbarumba), also drafted ten-minute play, "The Yellow Dress"
  • September: The Poet's Lullaby (drafted, workshopped, revised); also revised and sent out "The Yellow Dress" and "Coffee Date" (old story, just resurrected)
  • October: "White Sheets", "Silence and the Word" and "Under the Skin" SOLD to Yoni ki Baat (to be performed in January, still revising)
  • November: "The Arrival" (a chapter of AP, revised and SOLD to Catamaran)
  • December: "A Little Pregnant" (drafted)
Some months were cheating a bit, I admit, more revision than drafting. But still, doing okay on this goal of a story a month, and I think it helps a lot to keep writing at the forefront of my mind. A story a week would work even better, but then I really might have a breakdown.

I want to get back to poetry as well, so in 2009, I think I'm going to add a poem a month to the goal. If I manage that, plus the few I have already, by the end of the year I might have enough for a little chapbook. That would be cool.

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