I need some help with…

I need some help with Christmas carols. Jarmila wants to go carolling this year, so I've been teaching her carols. I realized in the process that I'd like to have a CD of basic carols, for my enjoyment, and to teach Kavi. All the Christmas music I have is a bit over-the-top with the choirs and the monks and medieval and such. This is what I need in a carol CD:
  • nothing too fancy (should be sing-a-long-able)
  • nothing too silly (I'm not looking for Alvin and the Chipmunks here)
  • classic traditional carols, of the "Holly and the Ivy" variety (although I wouldn't also mind a separate disc of popular hits like "Silver Bells" and the like, and a good disc of kids' Xmas songs too, like "Rudolph" and such)
  • simple, simple, simple
  • nice both to listen to, and to sing along with

3 thoughts on “I need some help with…”

  1. This probably doesn’t meet any of your criteria except that it does have some traditional songs but I have just ordered “A New Thought For Christmas” by Melissa Etheridge. It’s a mix of traditional holiday standards and new songs composed by Etheridge.

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I should note that I did just buy the Muppets John Denver Christmas album. So I am not immune to the silliness. The Muppets just charm me so much, and I’m loving this album.

  3. Sufjan Stevens has a box set of 5 CDs worth of Christmas music. It’s marvelous music, and you can sing along with some of the songs. Some traditional songs but also songs he wrote and carols you haven’t heard (hymns). I would recommend listening to the tracks before you purchase, though — his music isn’t to everyone’s taste. And it isn’t necessarily kid’s songs either.

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