So last night I went up…

So last night I went up to Northwestern to give a talk for SASA (S. Asian student group). I admit, I was a little cranky about driving in the bitter cold and dark, and it would have been tempting to just stay home instead. But when I got there I had a great time, of course. I spent an hour talking to them about my path to writing, and why I write about sex, and a bit about the political turn my writing is taking these days; they seemed interested, and the whole thing was fun. I like speaking to college students about Bodies in Motion -- so much of the book centers on college-type crises that it feels particularly relevant. On Friday, I'll be going to speak to a class at UIC that's reading my book as part of their course (multiethnic literatures in U.S.). Fun fun! Hopefully they're liking it. If not, maybe not so much fun. :-)

Most of my academic energy these days is turning towards spring semester; fall is wrapping up, and both of my classes seem reasonably well in hand for getting through the last few weeks. I'm excited about the colonial/post-colonial class I'll be teaching in the spring -- this is a new one for me, and it's going to be fun adding a bit of Ireland to my teaching. Dubliners, certainly -- not sure what else. Any recommendations for good post-colonial Irish texts, especially poems or other shorter works, would be greatly appreciated. I also need to find some good colonial history to use as background; most of what I've read is British-empire specific, and I'd really rather find something that also touched on French, Dutch, etc. Suggestions?

Got to get back to grading; this is the last big batch before the end of the semester. We're so close to done -- I can taste the holidays coming around the corner... I love teaching, but I'm going to love sleeping more, I'm pretty sure. For a week, at least. :-)

4 thoughts on “So last night I went up…”

  1. Does Cry, the Beloved Country count? I don’t remember whether it explicitly touches on colonialism per se, but South Africa’s history is an interesting mixture of Dutch and British colonialism (among other things, of course).

    I have a vague idea that there are a couple of well(ish)-known novels focusing on French colonialism in Southeast Asia, but I’m blanking on what they might be. Likewise with the (then) Belgian Congo. But maybe I’m just making this up.

    …This is still British, but is Out of Africa on your list? I haven’t yet read it, but I’ve heard good things about it.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’m not actually looking for fiction; I have a good selection of that. I’m especially not looking for novels!

    I need history, and/or poems.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’ve read that one, actually, so I did know that. But also no memoirs. 🙂 I have enough big books in the syllabus already — just need to fill out with little things, and find some history.

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