I finally finished…

I finally finished up the first round of Wisconsin Arts Council applications this morning (a day late, blame the election and my consequent inability to concentrate on Tuesday), and therefore felt free to take a morning off and do some crocheting. Lori came by, and in theory, I 'taught' her to crochet. But she picked it up so damn fast that I think her faint protests of having only learned one stitch eons ago that she had completely forgotten are just a pile of malarkey. (Does malarkey pile?) In a few hours, she made solid progress on a scarf (sc, dc, and shell patterned). Some beginner!

Meanwhile, I was pleased to add the body to my little critter. I'm not sure it actually looks much like an elephant -- I'm wondering if maybe I positioned the ears too low? Oh well; it's pretty adorable anyway. Just needs hands, feet, and a little tail at this point -- I expect I'll be done by tomorrow, if all goes well. Then back to Kevin's socks, and maybe start on a critter for Natalya or Brooke. I'm finding that I like having multiple projects going; when I get tired of a pattern or color on one, I can just switch to the other for some variety. The animals require a lot of concentration (lots of counting), so good for quiet alone time, whereas the socks are just rows of single crochet, and so are easy to do while watching tv or socializing.

Kavi just woke up from her nap; I'm going to try to get some revision done while watching her. We'll see how well that succeeds. :-) She's pretty cranky right now.

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  1. I’m not sure that’s an elephant either, but whatever it is, it’s mighty cute. The eyes (at least in this photo, at least to me) make it look kind of bravely frightened or something.

    Perhaps it’s a baby heffalump?

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