Drafted very rough paper…

Drafted very rough paper for SALA: "Marketing the Queer Desi Woman" and managed to squeeze out a semi-decent 300-word abstract. So if all goes well, I'll be presenting that in San Francisco in December.

I've gotten the impression that if I want a tenure-track job at UIC, it would really help to publish some critical work in addition to the creative. Which is fine with me in theory, but I really don't know if this SALA piece, for example, is the sort of thing that I could work up into a paper. It feels weird, publishing about myself. I'm not sure whom I should ask for advice -- Vince Cheng, who advised me in grad school on post-colonial stuff? Or my colleagues at UIC? I'm not sure what's appropriate at this point, especially given that grad school was several years ago.

Maybe I should just get some recent copies of PMLA and start reading through them. Sigh. SO VERY MUCH TO READ!!!

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