Lori’s over, and we’re…

Lori's over, and we're working on writing while the puppies play and Kavi naps. So far, I've excerpted two nonfiction pieces from Arbitrary Passions to send out -- "The Arrival" (3200 words) to Fourth Genre, Creative Nonfiction, The Atlantic Monthly, The Missouri Review, The Paris Review, Tin House and Ploughshares, and "Galle Face Beach" (745 words) to Brevity. I need to find more good literary magazines that do creative nonfiction and allow sim subs -- suggestions would be very welcome.

Not sure what to work on next -- have many half-written pieces. Or could just keep trying to research good places to send nonfiction. Hmm...

I also sent "'Amanda' Means Love" to Escape Pod, which I do not expect them to buy. They say they want 'fun' stories, and it is so not fun. But heck -- where else can I sell sci-fi reprints? (That's a real question, btw.) And "Talking to Elephants" to F & SF.

That makes a total of seven pieces out. Yay, me. The goal is 10-15 at any given time. Writers among you, how are you doing on that? Come, join me in the submission madness...

3 thoughts on “Lori’s over, and we’re…”

  1. I’m trying but every time I go to send out, it involves a complete revision of a document or 12, a complete reevaluation of where I should submit and a complete mental breakdown of trying to decide which magazine to send which revised doc. I think it’s one of the most stressful things I do. I like the idea of doing it with someone else. At least someone could distract me from the existential angst of wondering if it even matters or if they could just reject me fast already.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I know, the process really sucks. It definitely helped a lot doing it with Lori. It also helps that so many of the better places now accept sim sub — way more than did five years ago, I think, when we were in grad school. Interesting shift!

    You’re seen the tiered market list I put together, right? It’s not authoritative or anything, but it helps me make decisions. These days, I’m aiming at second tier initially, then figure if something doesn’t make it at any of those, I’ll drop it to third. Lori, a newer writer, is I think aiming at more third or fourth tier initially? Something like that.

    I don’t know how much it matters, but since I’m still thinking of a tenure-track job someday, maybe, I figure more current short fiction pubs couldn’t hurt. Maybe some of the lit fic folks will even learn my name — I worry about only being known in Asian American circles…

  3. Man, I hear you about Escape Pod — I’ve sold them both of my “fun” stories and everything else I have is so dark… and, I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe that just because a story is dark that it’s worth less (that is, I could send them to Pseudo Pod, which is their horror ‘cast, but they pay so little in comparison). Anyway, good luck on “Amanda Means Love” — I still remember reading that one, and it’s one that definitely sticks with the reader.

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