Busy day. Lori came…

Busy day. Lori came over early with Ursa, and the doggies played while we worked. I pounded through a bunch of e-mail, DesiLit stuff, and UIC stuff. Didn't get to the workshop stuff I meant to, so if you're reading this, Jenn, I'm sorry -- first thing tomorrow, I swear. I'd do it now, but my brain is mush.

I also spent a while writing an article to submit to a glossy print parenting magazine. It's the sort of thing I probably should have looked into a long time ago (they pay $1.50 a word!), but somehow never found the time. This time they found me, I think through the Chicago Moms Blog. No guarantees that they'll buy anything of mine, but it's worth giving it a shot, especially since anything they reject, I can just put up at the CMB anyway. And if they do buy something, it's a guaranteed $750 minimum. Oof. Why have I been trying to write short stories all these years?

I have to admit, though, I'm proud of having finished a short story yesterday, "Sequins," one that I think I like. (Although I'll know better once Ben tells me whether *he* likes it, since it's sitting with him for feedback now.) It's another character from the Bodies in Motion world -- Sarala, the wife of Nihal, who's the son of one of the six sisters in one family. I love playing with that family; need to write more stories about them. I think I just end up adding more depth to the family with every story I write about them. Hey, it worked for Faulkner, why not me? :-)

Lori and I were talking today, about how if we wrote one good story a month, we'd be really happy. Even with teaching and baby, that seems like a reasonable goal. One good story a month -- let's count "Jump Space" for July, and now "Sequins" for August. Good start!

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