I’m starting to feel…

I'm starting to feel like there are only four people reading this journal: Jed, Amy, David M., David B. It's lonely out here -- do you just hate commenting, or am I getting boring?

Yes, it's the perennial journalling cry -- is anyone actually reading this thing???

19 thoughts on “I’m starting to feel…”

  1. I’m out here, Mary Anne! I don’t comment very often, but I’m a daily reader. Love the photos of Kavi, love hearing about your writing and teaching– you’re an inspiration in so many ways.

  2. I’m reading… problem is, I’m reading on the LiveJournal feed, not your site, so I’m generally removed from all the commenting.

  3. Ditto on being a daily (but rarely commenting) reader. I’m especially loving the insights I’m getting into the writing/parenting combination, since we’re expecting our first baby this October!

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Huh — Shmuel, I have a livejournal account — that’s not enough to let people comment over there at least? I don’t really understand how these things work…

  5. I could comment on LiveJournal itself, but those comments would stay on LJ, not carry over here, and I’d assumed you weren’t reading those…

    (For that matter, the entries on the feed expire after two weeks, so they’re more ephemeral.)

  6. Hey, MA–I’m reading. It’s that time of the summer where I’m trying to accomplish the impossible before school starts again, so sorry for the silence. Have also been on a busy stay-cation.

    Keep writing your journal, no matter how many people say they are reading. You’re the only journal I read that updates throughout the day or on weekends.

    Writing date/puppy play date next week? Are you free Tuesday or Wednesday?

  7. I was actually starting to worry because it felt like I was often the first commenter on an entry — I thought “Oh my god, will Mary Anne think I’m some sort of weird stalker, because she doesn’t know me that well? Why does she keep commenting on things she knows nothing about, especially being a mother?!”

    Anyhow, please be assured that I’m not a weird stalker — I just have a fair bit of time throughout the day to keep very up-to-date on the blogs I read…. 😉

  8. OH MY GOD! I just re-read that and realized that I made it sound like I’m saying YOU don’t know about being a mother, when actually I was attributing that hypothetical thought to you, thinking it about me!

    (Does that make any sense? I think maybe I’ll just go back to bed now!)

  9. I have been your faithful reader since you were at Mills college.
    Repeating part of an comment that I made to your posting on 23 December 2005:
    At that time there was an undergraduate student named Sarah Irani. There was also a popular web site called Mirskys Worst of the Web. My son sent me a message suggesting that I check Sarahs site, which had been listed by Mirsky, not for poor quality, but for total weirdness.
    After looking at Sarahs site, which was called Sarahs Scumfuck Page and lived up to Mirskys assessment, I started poking around other undergraduate and graduate pages, and I found yours. Ive been reading ever since.
    Sarah went on to be an interesting figure in graphic arts, but she seems to have dropped off the web in recent years.
    While I have not read your journal from the beginning, I did backtrack and read all of the entries before the first one that I saw. I keep reading for a number of reasons. Although you do not reveal as much about your love life as I might wish, what I have seen shows that we have a number of things in common. We are both somewhat polymorphous and polyamorous. We both seem to have a love life as opposed to a sex life.
    I am afraid that I have somewhat of a lurker lately, but I do throw in a comment now and then. Most recently, I was the only respondent to your 30 April 2008 posting which read in part Yes, you can ask to touch my boobs. I understand that it is August now and I have been silent, but its been hectic. I posted 245 billable hours in July. Now I am taking a rest and catching up on things like this.
    I will try to be better about commenting. I dont mind if you think I’m some sort of weird stalker.
    With all of love,
    C. J. Czelling

  10. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. No, no, the term is ‘adoring fan’, not ‘weird stalker.’ Surely y’all know enough artist-types to know better…we’re desperate for the attention. 🙂

  11. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    And Lori, I’m all writing all the time next week — Jarmila is going to be here from 9-5, and aside from Thursday, when I’ll be doing stuff at UIC, I’ll just be here writing like a madwoman. Just let me know when!

  12. I’m reading too…I tend to lurk unless I feel like I have something specific to add to the conversation. It’s probably been at least 10 years that I’ve been checking in at least occasionally – hard to believe!

  13. Reading, not commenting much, but reading! Also hoping you don’t start to think I’m a weird stalker. 🙂 Oh, and I found and read the two stories you recommended (and all the other ones) on your website. I can’t find your book anywhere but Amazon. .sigh. I am very much appreciating your musings on juggling child, writing, teaching, and Everything Else. If only I had another day in every 24 hours I might get things done. Please keep writing!

  14. I’m way behind on my blog/journal-reading, but catching up now. :^) I still read here, but don’t often comment because I read everything via LJ, it’s a lot more clicks to get over here, and I don’t have a good way to see if you (or anyone) replies to my comment.

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