I’m feeling guilty…

I'm feeling guilty because the babysitter has been here for two hours (well, not actually here -- Jarmila and Kavi are at the park now, before it gets too hot and too crowded -- but you get the idea), and I haven't gotten anything done yet. I've been reading blogs and...umm...I think that's it, actually. I have a ton of work and e-mail to get through, and at some point they'll come back, and Jarmila will put Kavi down for her nap, and whenever Kavi wakes up (could be 1:00, 2, 3, or even 4), I'm on duty again. Which means that I only have a guaranteed two more hours of work time, and I really have to get up off my butt and do it. But I'm groggy and tired and I just can't seem to focus. Argh.

Also, Facebook's Scrabulous is apparently down for some sort of legal reason? I have four games going! Argh and argh again.

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