I really am miserably…

I really am miserably bad at video editing; I just can't seem to get the hang of iMovie. Maybe I should see if the Apple Store has a free class or something. But in the interim, the relatives demand videos, so here's another. Kavi is riveted by music -- if music comes on the tv, she drops whatever she's doing to turn and look at it; if she likes the song, she has to get up and dance -- even if she was totally into reading her books a few minutes before. In this video, you'll get to see her sitting rocker move, her waving arms (a recent addition), her dancing-with-ball-in-hand, and the patented binky swap -- with a reverse at the end! Dance classes are still at least a year away, but she's not waiting. Dance to Putmayo's African Playground CD, one of her favorites. Sorry for the abrupt cuts!

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