Kevin and Kavi come back…

Kevin and Kavi come back tonight, so today's the big push to get everything done that I didn't manage while they were gone. :-) I'm going to go up and do some gardening/laundry now, then Lori is coming by for a writing day, and late afternoon, I'm hoping to re-organize the big pile of chaos at the end of the upstairs hall. So no, not everything got done. But it was a pretty productive week; while they were gone, I:
  • wrote and revised a short story
  • revised the opening chapter to Arbitrary Passions, and I think it's pretty close to done now
  • fixed several broken elements of my web page (with Jed's help), so that I think it's now ready to go ahead and finish converting whenever I have some free time again
  • emptied, cleaned, and reorganized the hall closet
  • took a variety of baby things to Nilofer's to be stored
  • did lots of gardening clean-up, so the roof looks lovely
  • replanted the windowboxes, replacing withered spring flowers with hardy summer types (I have learned to love geraniums)
  • hosted a party (and cleaned up after)
  • taught class, both in-person and online
  • watched a couple of movies and read a few books
  • exercised for 30-60 minutes most days
  • slept 8-10 hours most nights :-)
I think I'm ready to cope with being a mommy again -- in fact, I wish I weren't leaving town quite so soon -- I head out on Saturday for eight days at Clarion in San Diego. Very excited to go teach, of course, but it would have been better a few weeks later. Oh well; she'll be here when I get back.

To tide you over 'til Kavi returns-- a few belated photos from her swim class. She's still scared of the class, and howls through the first ten minutes, which is hard for me to take, but she does adore the colored balls.

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