At yesterday’s workshop,…

At yesterday's workshop, folks critiqued a new SF story I wrote, "Jump Space." Spent much of today revising, and I think it's pretty much good to go, woohoo! 6000 words, and if you want to read it, all you have to do is join my mailing list and check the web archives. Jed did make some comment about how it really ought to be a novel, but as previously mentioned, I am working on FOUR other books right now, so that is not happening. Which doesn't mean that I might not write a series of linked stories set in this sprawling intergalactic civilization that could eventually turn into a novel...I do love me some sprawling intergalactic goodness. With aliens! Although not in this particular story. Not exactly.

Other highlights from the last few days -- did an architectural boat tour, watched Beowulf and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, cleaned out the coat closet, did some heavy gardening, had friends over Friday night to watch the fireworks from my roof, very fabulous. Tonight, workshop.

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