Summer feels almost…

Summer feels almost painfully luxurious, compared to the school year. During the semester, two of my three baby-sitting days were taken up entirely with classes. Now, I'm teaching one evening class out of my home (which is time when I wouldn't be writing anyway), so suddenly two extra days a week have opened up -- for writing, errands, even reading and relaxing. It's glorious.

On the downside, when I start at UIC in the fall, I'm teaching M/W/F -- less time teaching each day than in the spring, but still, three days a week. I'm going to have to be very careful/efficient to get writing done then, I think. To be safe, the goal is to write a ton this summer. Where 'a ton' is not so specifically defined but would ideally mean finishing two books. I know, that sounds crazy, but I think one book is nine-tenths done, and the other is three-quarters drafted at least, so it's not quite as nuts as it sounds. I think. We'll just have to try it and see.

Today: finish the last of the grading and submit grades. Walk to the little local store and pick up some fruit and wine for tonight's class. Finish writing the SF story I worked on Saturday (met Lori at Cafe Ipsanto and actually wrote for 3-4 hrs, very pleased with self) -- it's just got maybe 1-2 scenes left. Send it to Jed and ask him what he thinks. Send it to writing workshop. Play with baby a little. That should take me through to dinnertime -- make some uppuma to go with the curry I made last night, eat, then teach evening writing workshop. Sounds like a really delightful day. I love summer.

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