Wow, I’ve been really…

Wow, I've been really quiet. I hadn't realized. It's just the last crunch of the semester -- my final class is Monday, and I've had a ton of grading to do, and have a ton of grading still left to do. But everything's going well here, and in spare moments I'm even making progress on re-organizing the Pantry of Doom. (Four hours work so far, and at least another hour or two to go, oof. But now you can actually walk into it! The way you're supposed to!)

Kevin's been doing all the cooking around here, and I miss it! I actually snuck in a chicken and potato curry a few days ago when he was supposed to be cooking just because I missed cooking. And yesterday, we were eating leftover lamb, and I made a garlic-mint aioli and grilled onions and a mango chutney to go with the lamb on sandwiches, mostly because I felt the need to chop things. Weird, huh? :-) I'm cooking next week again, and I've made all kinds of ambitious plans. So you may hear about some yummy dishes soon.

I'm hellishly behind on e-mails, because Kavi has been very touchy due to the heat (it's been 80s-90s here) and bad sleeping, and has complained loudly every time I picked up the computer (or a book) -- she wants me paying attention to her! But Kevin's going to watch her for a chunk of today so I'm hoping to maybe go to a nice air-conditioned library or cafe and plow through some of the backlog. Maybe even grade a few more papers...

I did miss working out yesterday, but not because I'm tired of the Wii Fit -- no, it's just because Kavi didn't sleep well Thursday night, and Kevin handed her off to me at 3:30 a.m., so I was very very tired all day and not up to working out. Also very sore from various Wii exercises, so it's maybe just as well that I took a day off. But going back to it now! No noticeable weight loss or anything yet, but the days I exercised I definitely felt stronger and more energetic all day. I don't really understand why that would be -- you'd think it would make you tireder!

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