It’s going to be a…

It's going to be a chaotic sort of day...lots of prep to do for WisCon. Cooking, packing, planning, even finishing up a bit of painting, hopefully. And around 5-ish, Ben arrives from Switzerland! He'll stay with us tonight, then we'll go up tomorrow morning.

At least, that was the plan -- Kevin and Kavi coming with us for the weekend. We've already somewhat revised it though; Kev pulled some muscles in his back and wants to get some rest this weekend, and I'm a little worried about exposing Kavi to too much con crud, so we're thinking maybe they'll come back on Saturday and I'll drive down with Jed and Ben on Monday.

Or at least that was the plan up until this morning -- when Kavi spit up some of her milk and banana. I'm wondering if she's actually a little sick. I did want to take her up and let everyone meet the baby, but if she doesn't seem better by tomorrow morning, I'm just going to leave her here. A little sad, but better than a sick baby! People can meet her next year. :-)

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