Hey, can I ask y’all a…

Hey, can I ask y'all a favor? If you want to post anonymously, that's fine with me, but I'd really appreciate it if you could pick a pseudonym to use, instead of just 'anonymous'. For a couple reasons:
  • If there are multiple people posting as 'anonymous' it gets confusing and hard to track conversations

  • When I see 'anonymous' I get tense, because I tend to assume that the comment is going to be an attack, and that's why the person chose to post anonymously. If you want to attack me, then fine, that's appropriate enough. But if you're not trying to make me tense, a pseudonym would be hugely helpful.
Thanks! (Jed, do you think it's worth posting a trimmed down version of this next to the 'post comment' link? Too annoying to read over and over?)

For those who want suggestions of pseudonyms -- there's always all the baby name sites. :-) Or you could just go with Bob. Everyone likes Bob. :-)

2 thoughts on “Hey, can I ask y’all a…”

  1. I could easily set it up so that instead of the default name being “Anonymous,” it’s “Bob.”

    That might just result in making you tense whenever you see the name “Bob,” in which case never mind.

    But if you think it’d be worth a try, it would only take a few seconds to do.

    Alternatively, I could pre-fill the Name box with something like “Please put something here, even if it’s a pseudonym.” Then if they don’t put something there, I could have either of two things happen, depending on your preference:

    A. The system won’t let them post until they change what’s in the Name box.

    B. The message gets posted under the name “Please put something here, even if it’s a pseudonym”. (This is silly, I know, but it’s an option if you don’t want to force people to put in a name.)

  2. Uh, I think that’s directed at my last two comments. Sorry. Honestly, that probably means I won’t comment.

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