We went to Costco…

We went to Costco yesterday and signed up for a membership; now that we're buying diapers and formula in bulk, and feeding three instead of two, we need to be a little more careful with our budget. (In fact, we should have done this months ago.) It was a little overwhelming, buying these huge packages -- everything at Costco seems to come in extra-extra-large. Good for the budget, if you have the storage space (which we don't, really). But budgets don't mean there isn't room for beauty too. They had a display full of bouquets of eighteen long-stemmed red roses. Conversation:

M: Can we get some flowers for the house?
K: Sure.
M: What do you like?
K: Maybe the roses...
M: [I waffle about colors, too tired to choose.] Which color do you like?
K: I like these. [pointing to the deep, dark red ones]
M: Those are awfully romantic...
K: Are they still romantic if you get them in bulk at Costco?

I say yes. :-)

What do you think?

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