Got the horizontal…

Got the horizontal tile to work -- right now, you can see it on the art page, right under the top navigation bar. (All of those journal entry design links will probably make no sense in a few days -- ah well.) I took the image at right, changed the colors, told it to tile across. At the moment, the display is messed up a bit, in that it cut off halfway down the image, which wasn't what I intended. But actually, I kind of like it chopped off like that. When the whole thing is visible, it's a little distracting, less of a subtle border. Hmmm...

It's not at all obvious that it's an Indian design, but I think I'm okay with that too. I'll know, even if no one else does. Secret ethnicities... :-)

On the other hand, maybe the site looks better with no border there at all. I'm okay with that too. Opinions?

7 thoughts on “Got the horizontal…”

  1. hi amithri acca when I looked at the page I couldn’t even see the border until I zoomed in maybe because I’m using my iPhone but can you please send sharmi and mirna accas numbers and emails to my yahoo thanks love to u and a kiss for kavi shantha

  2. The new muted colors: *love*
    The border: also *love*

    And “secret ethnicities” is so resonant–mostly because anything with “secret” in it gives me goosebumps :).

    The page designing sounds like hard work, but how satisfying it must be to work from imagination rather than template….

  3. Hello again Mary Anne,
    It sounds like you’re really looking for a re-invention of your site.
    Regarding your post below as to the brighter or muted version, I prefer the brighter approach. It makes me want to keep hanging on to the site for a longer time.
    I think I really liked it with the row of books up above. It looked vibrant.
    But the site is all about you and what you feel good about. 🙂

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Shantha, I haven’t tried looking at it on iPhones yet…right now, I’m still just designing for Safari. It may take some work to get it to look right on a variety of platforms. Will send phone #’s separately.

    Maya, glad you like colors/border. I tried looking for henna patterns online, but photos would be a lot harder to work from than the kind of design I ended up using. I’m pretty happy with the design itself, I think; just not quite sure how/if I want to use it.

    Susan, yes, re-invention is definitely the plan. Ten years is a long time to stay in one place.

    I think the brighter colors are pretty and inviting, but somehow the muted ones just seem more me. It’s like when I visit my friend Susan Lee’s home, which is all bright and white and modern with crisp accents; it’s gorgeous, but I couldn’t live there. 🙂

    Someday maybe I’ll do a redesign that looks like the library parts of my home — dark wood, brown leather chairs, books.

    I don’t think there was ever a row of books above, except on the old books page? Still vaguely planning on the row of books below, though.

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