I’m still getting the…

I'm still getting the hang of this babysitting thing. Monday, I got a lot of writing done, which is great. No cooking, but that's okay, and I did finally clean the upstairs hallway (has been a disaster basically since we got back) and organize the shelves in Kavi's room, which I've been meaning to do forever. I think it's clear in my head that it's okay to use babysitting time to:

  • write
  • read books for teaching
  • grade and crit and prep for class
  • answer e-mail
  • cook and clean
But I'm less clear on whether I feel okay using it to:
  • paint
  • read fun books
  • nap
  • re-organize the bookshelves (or other non-essential home projects)
  • garden
  • watch tv
  • play computer games
Basically, it feels a bit weird paying $15/hr (yes, we went with the more experienced/more expensive nanny option, for peace of mind) to do relaxing things. It seems like I should somehow find time for those in the rest of my life, and if I can't find the time, I should just not do them, and babysitting should be reserved for productive work or necessary life stuff. But maybe I'm just being silly? What do you think?

5 thoughts on “I’m still getting the…”

  1. I think limiting yourself to using babysitting for productivity stuff (at least at first) is sensible.

    Not only will this give you time to assess your comfort level with the financial impact, but (on the rare occasions when Kavi-duties allow you to do fun stuff)you will feel less stressed about productivity stuff you are setting aside to have fun.

  2. With the understanding that I don’t actually know what I’m talking about, I’d go with “maybe you’re just being silly.” Relaxation time is important.

    …now, if Kavi’s willing to cut a deal in which you stay productive during babysitting hours, and she doesn’t cry when you’re trying to sleep, there might be room to negotiate. 🙂

  3. Hey! I’m a student in your 301 class this spring–I ran across this trying to learn a little more about your work.

    I just wanted to say: thanks so much for taking me! The acceptance e-mail totally made my day. I absolutely cannot wait for this course.

    Looking forward to meeting you and crafting all kinds of awesome identities and stories!

  4. I don’t have children (yet– working on it, though!), but I think balance is important– you need to work, but you also need that valuable relaxation time to recharge your batteries. If you can spend 75% of your babysitting time working and 25% on more creative/relaxing pursuits, I think you’ll be a happier writer/teacher/mommy.

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