Hey, folks. The SLF…

Hey, folks. The SLF needs your help -- more specifically, we need some volunteers!

We started out in 2004 with a great group of folks working on the Speculative Literature Foundation, and have managed to do some exciting things -- the older writers' grant (two $500 grants/year), the travel research grant (one $600 grant/year), the mentorship program, the Fountain Award, an extensive resource website, the small press association. I think we're offering a great service to sf/f writers and readers, and fill a unique role in the community. It's really rewarding!

But some of the original folk have had to leave, and the few who are left are getting worn down from doing everything. We need help! No expertise needed -- all we're looking for is a few folks with some time to spare on the internet. Good organizational skills are a plus, since if you sign on to help administer a grant or program, you'll have to remember the deadlines for that program and post notes about it accordingly.

If you're interested in joining our general planning list, drop me a line! And if you're interested specifically in being a grant administrator (while you are one, you are sadly not eligible for the grants yourselves, but it's a good deed for the community, and good deeds will be rewarded), below is a description of what exactly a grant administrator does for us.


Procedures for Travel / Older Writers Grant

  • Issue press release 1 month prior to opening period announcing the award's opening and closing dates.
  • Repeat when the judging is open.
  • During open period (generally three month period):
    • Team (Tiffany and I split by alphabet) acknowledge receipt of application, and advise timings.
    • Answer queries within 24 hours wherever possible, certainly within 48 hours; again by portion of the alphabet covered.
  • Issue press release 1 month prior to closing period announcing that the award is due to close
  • Repeat as the judging actually closes.
  • Meanwhile, read the applications as they come in. Colins personal preference is a speed-read to ensure that the application does cover speculative material. At the end of the period compare notes with other judge(s) and come up with winner, and --where appropriateHonourable Mentions.
  • Post Press Release to appropriate person (Ashley) and instruct webmaster to update site with names of winners. Pass winners address to Mary Anne for cheque preparation.

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