Home safe, arrived…

Home safe, arrived around 8-ish last night. Relieved to see that our apartment is mostly intact. :-) It was sparkling clean -- thankfully we had a lovely tenant while we were gone. Some of my indoor plants didn't make it, but that was to be expected. I'm a little sad about the five-year-old jasmine, but so it goes. It's a good excuse to buy a new, gorgeous jasmine this spring. I've been lusting after the jasmines in tree form they sell up at Gethsemane, so maybe I'll indulge in that. Or it'd be a nice anniversary present from Kevin next May (hint hint :-).

There is a tremendous amount of unpacking, sorting, and rearranging to do, so I'd best get to it. Plus, I have a syllabus to write up that's due today, and I need to re-read a short story anthology first so I can do a good job with it. But let me just say that it is very good to be home, and our apartment is about ten times more beautiful than I'd remembered. Ellie's curled up happily in her corner of the couch, and Kavi has been rolling cheerfully on the carpet and floor for hours. Kevin's napping upstairs, I've made a cup of my favorite tea, and all is right with the world.

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