Sorry for the quiet –…

Sorry for the quiet -- I've been mostly offline, between all the travelling and bad cell phone reception and my parents' dial-up. I'll send a better trip report soon, but for now, just a few quick notes:

  • Kavi and I are fine, although it was perhaps unwise to try the sleep-training right before a week of travel and crossing three time zones; poor munchkin is completely confused, and momma is very low on sleep and tired as a result

  • Heather had her baby! In a pretty traumatic way, it sounds like, pobrecita. But she and River are doing well now, and you can read more details on Tim's site.

  • I've just finished reading an engrossing fantasy trilogy, Morgan Howell's Queen of the Orcs. If you're looking for something entertaining, interesting, with lots of cool first-contact-type culture stuff, plus tight plotting and surprising turns, one after another, recommended.

More soon!

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