I know it seems like…

I know it seems like this journal is all-baby all the time, but it's not entirely my fault -- my friends keep having babies too. It's an epidemic! (Or more accurately, I suspect, it's all my thirty-something female friends saying, 'hey, if I'm going to do this baby thing, I better get going on that...') So that said, various baby updates:

  • No baby yet for Heather and Tim, though poor Heather's been in a fair bit of pain -- pre-contractions, maybe? -- we await with bated breath
  • I think most have heard that Susan Lee had a healthy baby boy, named Topaz, a month or so back -- all are well, and baby is huge and healthy
  • Kevin's niece Brooke continues to grow nicely, and is I think right around average on the size-weight charts
  • Kavi's cousin Natalya also growing steadily, though she's had some eating difficulties (reflux, I think? something that leads to lots of spitting up, at any rate, poor mama) and is a bit small. Still, healthy and developing well.
  • And speaking of small, Nilofer had her second child, a daughter named Anushka (cute name!) on Monday. The birth was induced a few weeks early because Anushka was underweight and they were worried that there might be placental issues that could serious problems if she stayed in there. Very fast birth (maybe because of the petocin?), and it all went smoothly. So she's out and mama and baby are fine and home now. Anushka is around 5 pounds, which seems astonishingly small to me now, considering that it's a third Kavi's size!
That's the baby round-up for my friends, I think. Next up -- Kavi tries solids for the first time!

(After I post that entry, I'm going to get some writing done, really I am. Revisions are actually proceeding well for the first half of the YA novel; I think it'll be in good shape to give to the DesiLit workshop imminently. (Workshop isn't for some weeks, but it's a monster chunk I'm sending them, so I want to give them plenty of time to read it.)

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