I’m still trying to…

I'm still trying to figure out when I can squeeze writing into my days with baby. I have to learn to take advantage of her naps. Kavi fairly reliably sleeps for 1-2 hrs every morning, for example. It's so easy to use that time to do dishes, or futz around online, or take a shower and get dressed. But I can do at least some of those things while she's awake -- if she's on her play mat or in her jumperoo or swing or even if she's making me wear her in the Bjorn. Times when I can't seem to write, because she just interrupts my thought processes too much with her little (or not-so-little) noises.

So if, instead of doing anything else, I just sit down and open the novel file as soon as she falls asleep, I can write the whole time. Or at least until my brain or fingers give out. I tried it today, and so far, drafted 2100 words, in three new scenes! That's huge. If I did that most days of the week, I should be able to add another 10K a week to the novel, which would easily let me finish a draft by the end of the year, even allowing for some revisions and some inefficiencies. Hooray for baby naps!

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