Nice time last night. …

Nice time last night. Tim stopped by in the afternoon and had tea and cheese with me and Jed and Alex. Then he left, Jed went back to work (on the couch, with headphones), and Alex and I played Scrabble. He won, but it was a close game, and I did break 300. If I had just gotten one of those seven-letter words that I kept almost getting...I even had two possibles one turn, late in the game, and no place to play them. Argh. I'm not sure if that's more or less frustrating than having six vowels (or consonants). After Scrabble, Kev and Alex and Jed and I had dinner -- I made a quick chicken curry with tikka masala sauce from a jar (added chili powder for spice and yogurt to cut the sweetness) with rice and leftovers from the Indian restaurant takeout we had Tues night (fish vindaloo and aloo gobi). All yum. Heather stopped by as we were finishing up, and we had plenty to offer her a meal too. I love that feeling, of having an abundance of good food and being able to feed whomever might drop by. It's very hearth-and-home-ish, y'know? So pleasing.

Today, I've mostly been working, with only a bit of web browsing. I thought this was a really interesting article on children's sleep -- apparently, kids today are habitually getting an hour less sleep a night than their parents did, with serious consequences for their brains' development.

Sleep, Kavi, sleep! :-)

Speaking of which, she didn't do so much of that last night. Or more accurately, she chose to wake at inconvenient times for mommy, dragging me out of deep dreaming. Sigh. I decided between that and a mild cold and my aches and pains from yesterday's fall to actually cut class today. I'm hoping that I can use the time productively -- so far, I've been diligently studying Tamil for more than an hour. We have a mid-term next week, and even though I don't actually get graded for this course, I'd like to do well, of course. I've been feeling like I've been falling behind a bit, so with luck, I can catch up today while Mya watches baby. So far, I've solidified my vocabulary/spelling for pronouns, relatives, body parts, and sixteen other basic vocab words (name, city, country, book, house, student, yes, no, table, pen, tree, picture, flower, garden, food, all). Lots more to go!

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