The downside of it being…

The downside of it being rainy this morning is that when I was carrying Kavya outside (taking Ellie to the backyard for her morning ablutions), my wet sole of shoe hit the bit of tiled floor by the door and first one then the other foot quickly and completely slid out from under me -- I slammed, hard, into the two carpeted steps. I am very ouchy now in my left hip and thigh and elbow. But I am also now unexpectedly confirmed in my motherly instincts, because, without any thinking about it all, I made no effort to catch myself on the way down (thereby perhaps preventing my own injuries), but instead lifted the baby up high in the air as I fell (while hanging on to her fiercely). Although Kavi did let out a startled wail at her abrupt translocation, she was not hurt in the slightest. Yay!

So for those of you keeping score at home -- Mommy: 1, Dangerous World: 0!

I think I did give me and Kevin a few more grey hairs, though.

The upside of it being rainy is that, well, it's rainy. And I like rain oh so much. The baby is swaddled and napping now (ditto puppy), and I've eaten some leftover rice and curry, so I'm all comfy and peaceful. Later today Jed is coming by to work with me, and later still, Alex is coming by for chatting and board games. The next hour or so is dishes and laundry and other similar domestic tasks, good for doing on a rainy day with a second or third cup of tea. We'll get a mat for that bit of tiled floor, now that we know it's a hazard, and then we can enjoy the moisture-rich air, the cool drops, the crisp autumn breezes in peace. I've been intermittently trying to write a lullaby for Ms. K., which hasn't been going so well. Maybe it needs some rain in.

2 thoughts on “The downside of it being…”

  1. The baby is swaddled and napping now (ditto puppy)

    The masses demand a picture of Ellie all swaddled up.

    That sounds like a loveley plan for a day. What games did you play? (Sheesh, I’m such a game nerd).

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, Ellie wasn’t actually swaddled, but rather draped (see photo). I’m not sure she would tolerate swaddling. 🙂

    We just played Scrabble, since only Alex and I were up for game playing. Something more complex next time, I think…

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