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Here's a breastfeeding/pumping question, for those who know something about the topic. Help? Note: I'm pretty much exclusively pumping, as Kavi is almost completely unwilling to nurse at this point.

This morning, I hooked up my Symphony pump and found that my left nipple was so sore that I could only tolerate the pump on the lowest possible setting; it just hurt too much otherwise. Usually I have it cranked up well past the halfway point (after the first five minutes). The whole breast is somewhat sore and maybe a bit warm; not sure. I don't think I have thrush symptoms or a fever or red streaks (re: mastitis).

From KellyMom, it looks like the likely cause is a plugged duct, which they mostly say to treat with painkillers, heat, and frequent expressing of milk (every two hours). Most of their other options seem to only apply to actually nursing moms. But I'm wondering if there are any other options? I don't want to overlook something that I should be treating differently, just because I assume it's a plugged duct.

And can I say, "OWWWW!!!"

I am feeling particularly martyred this morning, and just a little tempted to wean and be done with the whole damn thing. :-(

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  1. Have you tried a warm compress (putting a warm washcloth) on the area? I would also massage the entire breast. You may be able to feel the clogged duct so you can apply gentle pressure on that area. I had a clogged duct (though my nipples didn’t hurt) and my OB recommended the above which helped.

  2. I know I haven’t yet nursed, but I got sympathetic symptoms when my sister was living with me with her newborn, and I briefly had a plugged duct, too. I went to the doctor and I pretty much did exactly as Avril says — used a warm washcloth on the area — and it did the trick.

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