Kevin and I finally gave…

Kevin and I finally gave each other our birthday presents today -- iPhones (refurbished). :-) I got to keep my old cell phone number too, even though we transferred phone services from Sprint to AT&T. (For those who call me, that'll be our primary number in Oakland, since we're not getting a land line there.) Below, photo taken by Kev's phone, with my phone pictured in background; I'm pretty impressed with the picture quality for a phone!

The kitchen towel in the bottom right corner encases an icepack, because I burned my hand making eggs this morning; bumped it against the side of a hot pan and blistered it. Ow, damnit. Thankfully, I didn't have to do anything today, so I lay in bed and read most of the Bishop Black Jewels trilogy, which is quite page-turner-ish. Hopefully finger will be better tomorrow and I can type; Jed's supposed to come down and work with me. The very cute sweetpea onesie was silk-screened by a friend. The baby was in an insanely good mood this afternoon -- about an hour of fairly constant smiles, accompanied by some full-on laughter. So. Damn. Cute!

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