Well, today’s the first…

Well, today's the first day on our own in a while; Kevin's mom left yesterday. So far, we survive.

We dropped Ann off at the train station yesterday evening, and were then feeling competent enough that we took Kavi and Ellie to the park. The weather's been so gorgeous lately that it just feels criminal to stay inside all day. I think we made some of the other dog-owners nervous when we brought the stroller into the dog park, but *we* weren't worried; our stroller with the infant seat and both sunscreens up is like a little baby tank; there was no way that a dog was getting anywhere near Kavi. After about half an hour, though, Ellie was getting pretty seriously beat up on by two dogs (one small, one large ) -- she could have taken one or the other, but both together was more than she could handle, and she kept trying to hide behind the stroller. And all the barking woke up the baby. So we decided it was time to head home (with a brief stroll down the street to pick up some sushi for me first, yum). Quiet evening watching tv and snuggling all around, and then Kavi very kindly let me sleep until 6 a.m, so I got seven whole hours of sleep (interrupted once for pumping, but still), a record since her birth. She was not so kind to Kevin, who had a very fretful baby to deal with from 3 to 4ish, when he was feeling most tired. But he made it through the night.

This morning did feel a little long, just me and the baby and Ellie, until Kevin got up around noon. I managed to do one load of baby laundry, but aside from that, just read, pumped, and fed baby (plus me and Ellie). That was about the limit of what I felt able to accomplish. I think that's okay, at least for now. I might do a bit more work this evening; I have a student thesis to read, and some paperwork to handle. But it can also wait a day or two if need be. Though my student would probably prefer her feedback sooner rather than later!

I did get Kavi to nurse a bit from both breasts (worth noting, as normally she dislikes the right, but absolutely abhors the left) this morning, though she rejected them roundly this afternoon. So it goes...

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