I know I’ve been…

I know I've been talking about baby a lot, and I hope you all realize that's likely to continue for the forseeable future. I haven't been talking about Kevin so much, but I have to say, so much of my happiness and joy right now is because he's here with me, helping with all this.

In the operating room, I was pretty scared, going into the surgery, even though I knew it was totally routine -- it helped so much, having him there. In the mother-and-baby recovery room, he was there whenever I needed him, even coming back to the hospital one evening when we'd decided in advance that it made more sense for him to spend the evening and night at home, getting some solid rest -- I called him, burst into tears, and within a few minutes, he was in the car headed back to the hospital, just to keep me company (and support me with the whole breastfeeding stress).

Since coming home, he's been doing everything he can to take care of Kavya -- he can't breastfeed or pump, but he's changed more diapers than I have, and washed out many bottles and pump parts, and carried things up and down stairs for me over and over and over again, even when I forget things I wanted several times in a row. All without a word of complaint. And he's calmed me down when I'm freaking out, when the hormones hit (usually around 8 p.m. or so) and I start crying for no good reason. (I am super-weepy-girl these days, but thankfully, it usually doesn't last long.) He's indulged me with tasty treats, with whatever I want for dinner, with occasional internet or garden shopping splurges that are not quite within our previously-agreed-upon budget. He's just taken such good care of both of us.

I think of my father, who despite being a great dad and a great husband grew up in a time where the man's job was to provide the income -- he's never changed one of his daughters' diapers. That's when I realize how lucky I am.

Sometimes, when I look at Kevin holding our daughter, both of them fast asleep, I just want to cry. Blame the hormones.

3 thoughts on “I know I’ve been…”

  1. Mary Anne,

    That photo is so awesome that it made *me* want to cry. So don’t worry, it’s not just hormones :).

    And don’t forget that what Kevin does he does for out of love for his two favorite girls–i bet that to him it feels like the natural order of things rather than a tiresome list of tedious chores.

    You’ve just finished carrying the wonderful Kavya for nine months all by yourself–so perhaps it’s time to go easy on yourself and enjoy it if her other parent wants to care for her.

    *Mooning over photo again*

  2. I thought early on that Kavya looks like Kevin but as she gets older it becomes more pronounced. She really takes after her Dad! And what a lovely picture of them together.

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