That’s us up on our…

That's us up on our roof deck, around sunset yesterday. Sorry the photo's a bit grainy -- that's because it's a screen shot of a video from my digital camera. What I'd really like to do with the video is edit it, along with a bunch of other videos of Kavi, into a small movie that I can burn onto a DVD for my parents, who are missing their granddaughter already. But my computer doesn't have iDVD (I think because I don't have a DVD burner on here). Kev's computer has a DVD burner, and presumably iDVD too, but it'd be easier if I could do all the editing on my machine. Any suggestions for what I could use would be helpful!

We had a nice time at the park -- the weather was just perfect. Ellie is still tense and neurotic enough from the new addition to the household that she didn't do much running around at the dog park -- she'd go off and say hi to doggies, but then come right back to me or Kevin and sit down at our feet. Over and over again. Usually, she tears around like a maniac. Hopefully she'll adjust soon, and go back to being happy crazy doggie.

Ann hung out with the baby until I came out to join her; I had forgotten to take my painkillers and after half an hour at the dog park was hurting a fair bit. I stretched out on a blanket on the grass, with baby and grandma and eventually Kevin and puppy. That was nice too -- very familial. :-) Some kids came over and were full of questions about Ellie -- they completely ignored the baby lying right next to her. Their priorities were very clear.

When we got back, I took my drugs and then lay down for a while until they kicked in; Kevin and his mom got dinner ready -- fresh rice and some of our frozen curries. Was good, and afterwards, we wandered around on the roof for a bit.

So far, it's nice having Ann here to hand off the baby to, definitely. I can go take a shower or futz for a while on the computer without worrying about whether baby's doing okay. *And* she emptied the dishwasher this morning, a task I hate. But it's also a little unsettling having her here. She's so experienced in child-rearing -- two of her own, plus some foster kids, plus she works with kids. So when Ann makes a suggestion, I think both Kevin and I feel like we ought to follow it, even if it's not what we would have done on our own. Which is disconcerting. We're so new at the parenting thing thing that Kavya reallly doesn't seem quite *ours* yet. It's not that Ann's doing anything wrong -- far from it. It's just our own insecurities, I think. It should be okay, though; that parenting confidence will develop eventually, right? I hope so.

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  1. Do you have iMovie on your machine? If so, you can do all the video editing in that, then transfer the iMovie project over to Kevin’s computer when you’re ready to make the DVD (you’ll still have to use iDVD to set up the DVD menu & burn the disc).

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Sadly, I do not have iMovie either. My machine is apparently pathetic. I guess I’ll just edit on Kev’s machine — that’s not such a hardship…

    Thanks for trying!

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