Last day of composition…

Last day of composition classes today! I have a bunch of little grading to do this morning (homework assignments), and I collect their final papers and have them do course evaluations in class today. And then grade final papers over the weekend and that class is done! There's still a fair bit left to do for Roosevelt, but it's mostly bits and bobs at this point. Hopefully I can finish it all smoothly by the middle of next week. That's the goal. I'll still have a few theses to supervise over the summer, but I think that level of work I can manage.

There's so much to do before baby comes, but I'm starting to think it may all actually get done. Jed helped me rescue the house from total chaos yesterday -- we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. We were in a desperate state -- out of clean underwear, three loads of disgusting dishes in the kitchen sink and overflowing over the counters, multiple bags of trash lying around, yick. I couldn't have gotten half of it done without Jed -- a huge help! Especially since Kevin was sick with a bad headache yesterday and spent most of the day in bed, zoned out on my Tylenol with codeine.

After cleaning, Jed and I (mostly Jed) planted a whole mess of vines: (Trumpet) honeysuckle, (Jackmanii, Niobe, Guernsey Cream) clematis, morning glory and moonflower, and a Moonlight Japanese climbing hydrangea (in the shady section). We also got a Moondance white floribunda rose into the ground, along with lots of herbs, peppers, tomatoes. Can't wait for my Sweet 100 tomatoes to come up; they were *so* yummy last year. It may be a slightly more minimal garden than last year, but that's okay; I'd just like to get enough done that there's a nice retreat on the roof to take baby this summer. Hopefully we can coax a friend to come over and help water for the first month or so after baby's born; it'd be sad to go up finally only to find dead plants waiting for me.

Plan for today: schoolwork until 2, then come back here, meet up with the boys. Jed will stay here and work and watch Ellie so we don't have to put her in her crate (which she hates, although it may be less the crate itself she hates, than the fact that all the people are abandoning her), while Kev and I either a) go look at a car to replace mine (Jed agrees after driving it that there appears to be something wrong with the transmission) or b) go deal with some baby supply stuff at Target. If we're really ambitious, we'll do both, but car places are so damn slow that that seems unlikely.

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