Baby Shower -…

Baby Shower - Chicago

Nilofer kindly had us to her new home (freshly-painted in delicious colors) for a wonderful baby shower, organized by my sister Mirna and Nilofer, with a good chunk of help from Aparna, Lakshmi, and various others. There was a ton of delectable food, drinks and other goodies. Flowers everywhere, including the cutest little white paper flowers scattered over the table.

The theme of the shower was "The Next Chapter" (see beautiful and yummy cake, brought by Aparna), and guests were asked to bring favorite children's books. :-)

Lakshmi organized skits to help us choose the baby's name. I don't think it actually helped us decide at all, but it was fun watching folks pretending to be us and our teenage daughter. One skit had a science fiction theme -- it was twenty years in the future, and Kevin was pregnant with our second child. Yay, advances in science! I'd be happy to let him do this next time around...

There were also various art projects, from the traditional decorating of onesies, to pretty little notes of advice for us to open when we're freaking out, to several exquisite corpse books written for baby. We read one out loud at the end, and it was surprisingly coherent, if a bit strange. :-)

And at the end, of course, there were presents. We got books, clothes, a beautiful moses basket and stand, a nightstand for the baby's room -- all sorts of goodness. But I think Mirna's presents win -- an adorable little outfit she brought back from her last trip to India, and a bib: "This is what a Sri Lankan princess looks like." :-)

I don't have a photo of my favorite moment -- it came at the very end, when most folks had left. I was pretty exhausted and somewhat achey by that point; I had collapsed on the couch, leaning on Roshani, having Karen do acupressure on my arm, while I talked to them both and to Nilofer. These are my three wise women; they've been there, they've done this. I have a feeling I'm going to be asking them for a lot of advice over the next year. It was very comforting being surrounded by them. Between them and our families, our old friends and new, I think we have a truly excellent support network in place to help us do this. We have our village, ready to raise this child. Yay! :-)

Now we're just waiting for the child...

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