I don’t *think* it was…

I don't *think* it was because I ran myself ragged on Monday, but one of my fibroids flared up pretty badly yesterday. Ow ow ow ow. Every move basically hurt, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, and I absolutely did not want to bend at the waist ever. I asked the doctor about it, and she said that it sounded like the degenerating fibroid was probably releasing some irritants into that area. In some sense, it's good that the fibroids are degenerating and getting smaller, because it makes more room for baby to turn around and all. (If baby can manage to turn around to a head-down position, then there's a chance I won't have to have a caesarean. Right now, she's head-up, which is no good. We'll see.) But even if it's good having the fibroids break down in the long run, it's no fun having them hurt now. :-(

I tried to take it easy yesterday; rested mostly, most of the day, and woke up in no pain so far today, so fingers crossed that things are better. Kev did end up moving some furniture around, and I advised him from the couch. We now have a console table set up in the living room, with the stereo on it -- it's nice to have a working stereo again; it's been a month or so since we took it down to make room for the tv, which came down to the living room to make room for the crib. It's a whole baby-related-chain-of-moving-furniture thing.

Last night, I did manage to go out for a bit -- I don't know if I can call it a pregnancy-craving or not, but I had a desperate desire for injera, strong enough that I persuaded Kevin to drive me to Ethiopian Diamond, a restaurant half an hour away. Once there, we picked up enough food to feed five people: shiro and doro wat and atakilt and yebeg tibs and yemisir wat, plus all the sides they throw in. We ate too much last night, but it was all so good. (The yebeg tibs were a bit dry, despite sitting in a sauce, but everything else was yummy.) I just had some more for breakfast. We have enough of it that I suspect it will be lunch, dinner, and tomorrow's food too. I had better plan to eat a salad in there somewhere, and maybe some fruit... :-)

Today, Kriti stuff, grading, e-mail, writing. Possibly drop off my car to be repaired. I'm tempted to ask them to paint it too -- the silver paint job is pretty scratched up, and if they're going to fix that, maybe we should take this opportunity to change the color? Bright blue sounds nice. Also, if I'm feeling up to it, we're going to move all the living room furniture to make room for the new couch coming tomorrow. Kev seems to think he can basically do it all himself, including moving the old tiny couch upstairs to our bedroom, but I'm a bit dubious. I love my boy, but he's not really super-buff. He's had to do a lot more solo lifting of stuff recently, and he's coped, but it doesn't look like he's having fun. We'll see how it goes.

Every once in a while, the whole baby thing hits us again. Last night, we were marvelling over the fact that in a little over two months, if all goes well, they're going to hand us a baby, and let us take it home. How wacky is that? Shouldn't they have a more intensive screening procedure for this kind of thing??? Figuring out where the boy bits and girl bits intersect just isn't all that hard...

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