Well, I did take…

Well, I did take Saturday off entirely -- played Caesar, watched TV, and read some of Gene Wolfe's The Knight. That's it. I can't remember the last time I took a full day off -- felt very strange, but also good.

Yesterday, we were back to accomplishing things. Got most of the puppy area assembled (photos soon), returned stuff to Home Depot, fixed the bathroom light bulb, picked up some shelves at the Container Store, and...[drum roll, please] bought a couch!

That last one deserves a drum roll because it wasn't even on the to-do list. This may have been the most efficient furniture-buying we've ever done. Around eleven we were talking about how we really are short on seating in our living room; we can seat four, but only if two are very friendly, and there's nowhere Kev and Ellie and I can sit together, which distresses the puppy, who wants nothing more in the universe thant to be with both of us at every moment. (Except when she wants food.) And when baby comes, the problem will be compounded. Our current living room furniture is very modern and sleek and small and terrible for lounging all over each other.

So by noon, we'd looked at quite a few bigger couches and sectionals online, at a wide variety of places, and figured out that we probably could afford a new one, esp. now that we're not buying a new car anytime soon, though it would mean possibly putting off some other home improvements too. And then by one, Kevin had remembered the Macy's clearance warehouse, and by two, we had gone out there, and by three, we were returning home, having found and bought a sectional for approximately two-fifths of what it would have normally cost. Efficient!

It is not the most exciting-looking furniture in the world -- it is brown, and fairly generic. But we *think* it will go nicely in the living room with the rug and curtains and all, and it is *so* much comfier than what we currently have. Plus, it seats four easily all by itself (five or six if they're friendly), and we should still have room for two of our previous chairs, so we've come close to doubling our seating options. Whether we end up loving it or not, we're stuck with it regardless -- all sales are final. But if worst comes to worst, I can always slipcover it. It arrives Thursday, so we'll see!

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