I feel like there are…

I feel like there are all sorts of details of pregnancy that I've already forgotten. Last weekend, I was talking to a newly-pregnant friend, and she mentioned the awful taste she gets in her mouth sometimes -- and I had totally forgotten about that. For me, in the first few months, I'd periodically get a sort of nasty metallic taste in my mouth that wouldn't go away. Very irritating, and it's hard to believe that I forgot it so quickly. I wonder what else I've forgotten. Argh.

I should've been writing down long, detailed descriptions of everything, I think. There are just so many odd physical things going on at any moment. Right now, for example, there are funny rumblings in my gut, like rising bubbles, and it's either baby moving or just gas. I can't tell. (There are times when it seems more definitely her, but I think the fibroids muffle a lot of the motions a lot of the time.) And of course, what with the falling down the stairs and all, right now the soreness from that (in a variety of places) is actually more noticeable than any pregnancy stuff. Something I was reading said that at this point, many women are starting to feel bored with their pregnancy. I'm not bored, exactly, but I'm more able to take it for granted than I was for the last six months. So it's hard to pay attention the way a writer ought to.

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  1. Hi Mary Anne,

    I know my comment / question doesn’t necessarily go with this particular post, but I guess–in a round about way–it kind of does.

    Ive been a fan for a while, and I think what really did it for me was the underlying message in your work that its okay to live a polyamorous lifestyle. This bold message is in your erotica (some might argue it can even be found in your visual art), and the same message is on your blog: http://www.mamohanraj.com/poly2.html . Im a huge fan of your work, and Im wondering how your seemingly monogamous, family oriented lifestyle plays out in your philosophy regarding polyamory (I mean philosophically speakingnot to pry into your personal life)? Will you continue to promote a polyamorous lifestyle, and if so, are you still polyamorous under the circumstances? I dont mean this to sound like a challenge; I just hate the thought of losing an outspoken champion of polyamory! (There arent many of us, sister.) Is saying youre polyamorous while practicing a monogamous heterosexual relationship like saying youre queer and dating the opposite sex?

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