And speaking of…

And speaking of furniture, if you happen to live near Chicago:

We're selling a bunch of furniture! Below are the craigslist ads for the various items. The prices listed are craigslist prices -- for friends, we can probably manage a bit of discount on top of that. Please let us know ASAP if interested! Kev may be able to help move the items if you want something and need help (or a car).

Couch and loveseat ($850 or best offer)

Cabinet ($100 or best offer) (update: SOLD)

Rocking chair ($30 or best offer)

2 thoughts on “And speaking of…”

  1. I see that you’re getting rid of a rocking chair. I hope you still have one or are getting a new one. Sometimes rocking is the single easiest way to settle a baby! Much easier than walking walking walking walking around.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Yes, we’re trading in — my old wood rocker for a more cushioned glider. 🙂 I’m hoping it’ll be a comfy place for breastfeeding; according to one of the books Kev’s been reading, breastfeeding for a year increases baby IQ by 6-8 points. Which I guess is a lot of points? We’ll see how it goes…

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